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It’s been a while since I’ve played guitar, but I think I pumped out something pretty decent. Adding drums is always the hardest thing for me, but they’re also the element that can make stupid guitar riffs instantly sound awesome. I managed to get something that sounded fairly cohesive, I think. Enjoy! Or don’t enjoy! It’s a free country!

[audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/15520538/new%20song.mp3]

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The following song was recorded back in 2004, I think around July or so. David and I had just wrapped up our high school careers and were both set on our individual courses, David to the Navy, and myself to UW. I had recently been given a guitar as a graduation present, and David had been honing his skill at the harmonica. We were both very eager to get together and rock out for a little while, and for both of our amateurish efforts, I think we had a pretty good go at it. Me playing any random crap I could, and David wailing on the harmonica, until one of us got off beat or messed up especially bad, each song lingering in our thoughts for a moment, only to be replaced by another. To this day, my guitar skills have improved in the smallest imaginable sense, so I can’t boast any true music skills, but our “jam” sessions were musically rewarding and incredibly fun. We’ve played together a couple times since, and it never gets old.

This particular afternoon I hit upon a rather somber tune, which David picked up immediately. We both acknowledged that this had been our best effort yet, and I decided to take a shot at recording it. At this point, I can’t remember what sort of software I had, but for my part, I threw down a couple measures of music, put a loop on it, and let David do his thing. Again, this is clearly not a professional effort (can you hear where I cut in the section at the end?), but I think we really got something special. We both came together and on our respective musical merits, we managed to put together that sounds excellent. More than that though, I think we somehow captured a certain mood that was hanging over us around this time. We, along with the rest of our friends were all leaving behind the only life we had really known, and while there was excitement, there was also sadness bubbling beneath the surface. While the song is mournful, there are occasional hints of happiness as the harmonica momentarily picks up the pace, but soon returns to a drone. Happiness lost in a sea of uncertainty, perhaps. Maybe not for the passerby, but to me, this song carries a lot of emotion as it manages to capture a moment in time very precisely.

On a side note, David had proposed that our band name be “Bean Touch”, which I think was a random grouping of words he saw on a billboard on evening while we were driving around trying to find a copy of Mario Kart (is that right?) for the Super Nintendo.

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Audio Doodle #3

I made this audio doodle as a way to test out a nifty application for my phone called ThumbJam. The application lets you load a musical instrument and then set any key and scale you desire, and then as you move you finger up and down the screen, it automatically plays just the notes in that scale. It’s a pretty cool and a lot of fun to mess around with, especially since the audio quality of the instrument samples is really great (I believe all the string and wind instruments are recorded live, not simulated). So I recorded a guitar track and started throwing a bunch of random instruments on top, and came out with these two versions.

On the first, I kinda went crazy and put a couple different synth parts and, most noticeably, the haunting beauty of a theremin. I toned it down a bit for the second version, but also tried to add drums, only to discover that tapping out drum parts with the tips of your fingers on a tiny screen is not ideal. Enjoy.


Version 1:

Version 2:

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Audio Doodle #2

Here’s a music doodle I love and hate. It’s probably the closest I’ve ever gotten to composing a song in my head and then being able to translate it on guitar. Plus, I think the drums sound pretty sharp. However, it’s pretty sloppy and it makes me cringe a bit every time I listen to it. I think the fact that it ends on kind of a sour note sums things up pretty well. Enjoy.

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Audio Doodle #1

I’m not a great guitarist, but I really like to sit down and just fiddle around for a bit. Every once and a while I come up with 30 seconds or so of decent sounding music and decide to record it. This is, in effect, the audio form of a doodle.


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