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I love history, but more specifically, American history, but more specifically, American presidential history. So, I drew up a couple of my favorites.


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And Batman's fucking head!

I just want love and fish!

If you thought I was going to let a penguin themed week slip by without doodling Danny DeVito from Batman Returns, you were wrong!

That movie always comes to mind around Christmas time and how dark, creepy, and gaw-damned sad Christmas in Gotham can be. Oswald Cobblepot, aka The Penguin is kind of a sad character to begin with. All of his inherited wealth couldn’t buy him acceptance by society for his outward appearance and lusting-after-raw-fish ways. Perhaps this is a reflection of our own vain culture? Oooh ahhh!

Also, anyone remember the Batman Animated Series episode where Penguin gets out of jail, determined to live a clean life, and is duped by some high society douche bags into being his friend so they could laugh at him? Pretty awesome episode from a pretty awesome cartoon.

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Anorexic Iron Man

Of nuts.

Looks like Iron Man has been on a diet.

My favorite part of the Iron Man movie is when he is learning to fly with both boots. All clumsily, just like a baby learning to walk.

My favorite part of the Iron Man comics is that he is always beating up evil Asian overlords.

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Self Portrait

I can't read book.

It's true.

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Of Mice and Dudes


Lenny loves rabbits. George loves... BETRAYAL!

I was sketching some ideas for a comic about books with vanilla-fied endings, and doodled this one from Of Mice and Men.

It is a pretty somber story that evokes powerful emotions, so I tried to give the troubles of George and Lenny a brief respite in doodle form.

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And never is a long time chochacho

If you don't find out who Lobster Johnson is right this second you'll never be cool.

Artist/author Skottie Young  drew some Hellboy sketches with Lobster Johnson a while back, which inspired me to doodle a much worse version of the famed character on some homework assignment.

If teachers would just hand out blank sheets of papers instead of notes or assignments I would have a much easier time of making doodles.

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Lady Astronaut

It is freezing where I'm at.

Don't forget your haaat!

The only thing I can think about is that one crazy astronaut who drove a billion miles in a diaper to confront her cheating husband, who was also an astronaut.

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