And Batman's fucking head!

I just want love and fish!

If you thought I was going to let a penguin themed week slip by without doodling Danny DeVito from Batman Returns, you were wrong!

That movie always comes to mind around Christmas time and how dark, creepy, and gaw-damned sad Christmas in Gotham can be. Oswald Cobblepot, aka The Penguin is kind of a sad character to begin with. All of his inherited wealth couldn’t buy him acceptance by society for his outward appearance and lusting-after-raw-fish ways. Perhaps this is a reflection of our own vain culture? Oooh ahhh!

Also, anyone remember the Batman Animated Series episode where Penguin gets out of jail, determined to live a clean life, and is duped by some high society douche bags into being his friend so they could laugh at him? Pretty awesome episode from a pretty awesome cartoon.

Penguins can't talk.

Macho Madness bruck bruck bukaw!

I hope no one was expecting anything great after yesterday’s masterpiece, because instead of doodling a penguin when I got home I went on a bike ride and got drunk instead.

And I know it’s been a little while, but Macho Man’s passing had quite an affect on me. When somebody famous who influenced you long ago dies, it forces you to look at your own mortality. You begin to realize that the timeless phrase of “This too shall pass” applies to positive situations as well, including everything we know and cherish, and ultimately ourselves. This kind of understanding isn’t something that should be ruminated on to a great degree by anyone, lest they become a pessimistic cynic, or far worse, apathetic.

That is why the death of a celebrity, whose life and accomplishments were celebrated to a far greater degree than our own, can bring such powerful emotions to the bubbling surface of our psyche. Though we had never met or truly known the person who passed away from this life to the next, their passing symbolizes an end of an era, a realization that our own existence is a finite thing.

Death is a fact. As it comes to us, it is marked and datelined in our private memories. JFK shot, Michael Jackson dead, Macho Man’s heart exploded. Even fictitious deaths like Darth Vaders or Mufasas, (heaven help us when James Earl Jones dies) are remembered quite poignantly.

The thing to remember is that ancient phrase, that timeless wisdom.

“This too shall pass.”

As in a battalion of penguins is pooping on the ice.

A group of baby penguins is known as a battalion.

How can I not have a week where I doodle penguins and NOT have a baby penguin?

They’re so frickin’ adorable I would not only be cheating you, but myself.

Tuesday’s Penguin

There is a smiley face in his eye.

My handwriting is atrocious, quack quack!

I felt a little more confident today, and tried to draw a true-to-life penguin.

I learned that for my outer lines, I definitely want as close to black as possible. No more of this 56% opacity stuff for this guy. Total rookie mistake.

This little guy was pretty cute, and I didn’t want to gay the place up so I had him say a cold-themed pun from The Simpsons. It was either that or drawing him riding a huge wiener as a skateboard.

Because that's what penguins do?

He's gotta daaaaance!

Alright, this week I’ll be trying something a little different, folks.

In an attempt to broaden my doodle skills, I’ve picked up a Wacom tablet that lets you draw on the compuder. I’d like to pump out a few cartoons and I feel that the best way to accomplish this is to start improving my proficiencies in Photoshop art.

So each day this week I’m going to be drawing a penguin. Hopefully by Friday I have something a little more presentable than today’s offering… but we’ll see.

Anorexic Iron Man

Of nuts.

Looks like Iron Man has been on a diet.

My favorite part of the Iron Man movie is when he is learning to fly with both boots. All clumsily, just like a baby learning to walk.

My favorite part of the Iron Man comics is that he is always beating up evil Asian overlords.


I shouldn't be cited on Wikipedia.

Here is a side and front of a boat that would never, ever float.

If you’ve ever seen a ship in dry dock, it is a pretty impressive sight. The way that you get 1 zillion tons of steel to float on open water is to balance the amount of top-side ship with a much larger amount of submerged ship. I tried vainly to capture that concept in the bottom portion of the doodle.

Bear in mind that these “facts” are coming from me, which very easily constitutes a non-scientific source.

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